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Critical Thinking Media programm has been officially launched on the 1st of February 2021

Critical Thinking Media programm has been developed specially for Russian speaking people of North Estonia (Harjumaa and Ida-Virumaa country) to develop young people’s and local community leader`s (difference age, intergenerational perspective) media reading and content creation skills by encouraging young people/local community representatives to be a media co-creators, to think critically about media content and their own media habits and organizing discussions on the role of the media as both stereotypes and breakers and by cooperating with local outlets and training young journalists/students to combat fake news and racism.

Main activities includes of the project is social media training and  social-political public discussions/debates on selected themes between invited experts, community leaders (different age) and local government representatives, young people and guest journalists.

The Training programm of project on media literacy increase target group skills and knowledge ands social-political debates are important aspects of citizenship and democracy, and should be viewed against the backdrop of the fundamental right to freedom of expression.

Also a third important aspect of programm is Co – creation and publishing in local/regional media outlets of interesting co-created media content: – articles, – interviews and – video reportages + e-media blogs. As BIM programme main goal is to strengthen local media outlets’ content by our project we will directly contribute in achievement this goal via tide cooperation with local media outlets and providing for them a new fresh content/view of different target group representatives and will help them expand into new areas of activities (for example social networks, podcasts, blogs, storytelling) and father develop in case of new audiences and customers. Projects will strength connection between local media outlets and local/regional the reader/viewer & digital media audience and diversify project target audience`s media habits especially in case of trust/ diverse themes/loyalty/critical thinking/ media content consuming / advertisement/ media type etc.

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