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Project first training and public discussion has happened in Narva

On the 4th and 5th February 2021 in Narva  has been happened two interesting events, a training and public debates, developed specially for Russian speaking people.

The training “Development of critical thinking and media competencies in youth and youth workers” is aimed at acquiring media competencies and analytical skills of critical thinking about media, communication technologies among young people, in addition to this, young people and youth workers will get acquainted with tools and sources of information that require specialist advice and assistance, as well as practical work. The training is conducted by competent professionals with extensive practical experience in the field of media.

The purpose of the public discussion is to initiate  discussion on topics of critical thinking, fake news and new media habits of people in northern Estonia, also motivate opinion leaders, young people and older people be critical of everyday information. With an interest in regional and local media, by providing practical advice and guidance, we promote formation of a more balanced approach to information space. Social and political discussions are important aspects of civil society and democracy, they must be seen in the context of the fundamental right to freedom self-expression. Various experts and participants take part in public discussions to find interesting opinions, new ideas and possible solutions of local problems, as well as encourage the community to be more involved in policy making and positive changes.
The program of the event consists of four parts: acquaintance with the project “Media critical thinking “and three discussions on the topics” Critically about false news “, “Media habits and their transformation”, “Digital media and youth”

Registration for the event until February 5th website:

NB !!! The number of places is limited (50 participants)! Participation is free!

The project is part of the Baltic Independent Media program, which is aimed at strengthening the role of local media publishers, and helping to open new media horizons.
The project is supported by the UK government and the British Council

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