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This summer, we became a platform for the great civil participation of those who care about the world!

“Global Assembly on SDGs” is a high-level conference held in beautiful Tallinn, Estonia, between the 22nd and 25th of August. The main speakers and participants came from many countries (UK, US, Argentina, and many European countries). Many of them are prominent politicians, diplomats, NGO’s, consulting companies, and analytical centers who do their dedication to sustainable development.

This conference aimed to gather not indifferent and passionate individuals who strive to better our world regarding sustainability, climate, resilience, SDGs implementation, strengthening democracy, and peace. Sustainable development is a complex goal that can be satisfied from the grassroots. Moreover, the core idea is that we believe in democratic processes, which can be developed by profound and everyday work on the local level. Thus, all participants shared their national but especially local experiences, which are very inspiring. Their experience replies to the global aims of the UN SDGs Programme. This event opened some new roads for more efficient ways for sustainable development, which we are all responsible for.


As part of this event, American producer Steve Riffkins created a performance with a group of young people from Tallinn and Narva. The topic for the performance was the topics that are important for young people at the moment, in a couple of days they wrote a song that reflected their thoughts about what is happening in the political arena in Estonia, and also expressed their concern about the problems of digital education and the lack of equal opportunities for all children. During the performance, they performed songs in English, Russian and Estonian, emphasizing that integration, intercultural dialogue, mutual understanding, and acceptance are the keys to success.